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What is an Ultreya?

An Ultreya is a reunion of Group Reunions. The Ultreya makes the Cursillo a movement by linking and binding the groups into a backbone for Christian life in society and installs a sense of being a people called to evangelize. We are all at different points in our spiritual journey. The Ultreya gives us the opportunity to learn and be motivated and energized by more mature Cursillistas while we provide nourishment to those less mature than we are.

As we know the word Ultreya signifies "onward" or "proceed further on". The Ultreya in its totality is the sharing of our Christian life. The dictionary tells us that sharing is good harmony between the persons that share. It also tells us that sharing is living in the company of another or others in good harmony. The word harmony generally applied to music as the art of combining sounds for musical accords. This does not mean that the Ultreya is measured according to the music or songs that are shared there, not at all. In fact the music and the songs enhance the climate of the environment.

What is shared in the Ultreya?

If Christianity is not lived it cannot be shared and if it is not shared it cannot be lived. We share what we live and live what we share. It is sharing in "harmony" our Christian life with one another, which is being in accord with one another in our "Being Christian". How and what do we share? Through our testimony of the transparent Christ in our small world - our daily environment - living through Christ, with Christ, and in Christ.

What does it mean to live "Being Christian"?

Our human nature has conditioned us to "do things", but the incarnation of Christ in our life and in all our actions, walk us to a Christian life. The operative presence of Christ in our life assures our direction in our walk towards the Father. Therefore, let us reflect in our examination of conscience on how we react in the different circumstances, situations and experiences that perhaps are contradictory to our way of life in Christ.

• In my marriage when we disagree, do I put more fuel to the fire? Or am I awitness of the struggle that many marriages sustain to re-encounter themselves in love with understanding and harmony.

• Are we, as parents, the primary educators of our children not only during their childhood, but also in all their stages of life? Do we understand them? Do we demonstrate with action and gestures the love we have for them? Is Christ the center of our family and do the words: "I love you", "trust in Christ", "Mass", "Reconciliation", etc. resonate in the home? Am I being faithful to my vocation
whatever it may be?

• Imagine what questions we may ask ourselves if we allow Christ to be transparent within us - in our job, with our supervisor, co-workers, employees, etc. Do we give others the desire to know Christ because of our actions and testimony of our life?

• The same thing happens in our personal living as sons, brothers, friends, neighbors, etc. What magazines and books do I read? Are they what a Christian should read? What radio programs do I listen to and what TV programs do I watch? Are these programs appropriate to what a Christian should listen and watch? In what manner am I contributing to eliminate all that enters our home through the communication media that damages and corrupts our society?

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